Prof Cameron Hepburn

Director of Economics of Sustainability

Director of Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford

Cameron Hepburn


Cameron is an economist with expertise in energy, resources and the environment.

He is the Battcock Professor of environmental economics at the University of Oxford, based at the Smith School and the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, and is Senior Research Fellow at New College, Oxford.

He has degrees in law and engineering, a doctorate in economics, and many peer-reviewed publications in economics, public policy, law, engineering, philosophy, and biology. His work has been referred to in publications such as the Economist and the Financial Times, and he has been interviewed on television and radio in various countries. He has provided advice on energy and environmental policy to governments and international institutions around the world. He has also had an entrepreneurial career, co-founding three successful businesses and investing in several other start-ups.

Recent Publications