Mads Höfer

Doctoral Student

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Mads Hofer


Mads is working towards a DPhil in Geography and the Environment and is affiliated with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment under the supervision of Dr Stefania Innocenti. He has previously completed a master’s degree in Social Data Science at the Oxford Internet Institute, focusing on the effect of recommendations on decision-making within e-commerce environments.

Continuing his previous strand of work, Mads is looking at the effect that social norms have on actual behaviour. Specifically, he is looking at the intention-behaviour gap regarding sustainable consumption choices. He is adopting a complex adaptive systems approach to his studies and thus considers how consumers’ environments affect the perceptions of pro-environmental intentions (e.g., lowering room temperature). This includes the effects of social identities, competitive altruism, pluralistic ignorance, among others. For his studies, Mads utilises behavioural data scientific methods, including social networks, LLMs, and large-scale online experiments.