Project Leader / Primary Investigator

Brian Nolan

Starting in 2020 this programme of research is funded by is a 6-year Synergy Grant from the European Research Council (ERC grant 856455 DINA), in collaboration with Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) and Emmanuel Saez (University of California-Berkeley). Professor Nolan is the Principal Investigator (PI) for the Oxford element, while Professor Piketty is the overall PI. The central aim is to build bridges between distributional data available from micro sources and national accounts aggregates to provide estimates of the distribution of income and wealth using concepts that are consistent with the macroeconomic national accounts.

The Oxford team of Brian Nolan, Lewis Anderson, Leo Azzolini, Michele Bavaro, Caspar Kaiser, Rafael Carranza Navarrete and Nhat An Trinh are also investigating related topics including implications for the measurement and role of redistribution by the State, the intergenerational transmission of income, wealth, poverty and social class, ‘correcting’ surveys for missing income and wealth, inequality and social status, economic inequality (including unemployment) and political behaviour, and the interactions between demographic patterns/trends and income and wealth inequality.