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Financial System Stability


INET was founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis on the belief that new economic ideas are needed to help create a financial system that is less prone to crises, more resilient to shocks, and that better supports societal objectives of inclusive economic growth. INET Oxford has several major projects contributing to this agenda. The Economic Modelling team has pioneered new advanced econometric techniques to better detect structural breaks in the economy and better forecast economic performance. The Complexity Economics group is a member of two major European Commission projects. Project CRISIS is a consortium of ten universities working with central banks and other policymakers on developing a large-scale agent-based model of the interlinked macroeconomy and financial system. The Forecasting of Financial Crises (FOC) project is developing new tools to provide an early warning of future crises. In addition, INET Oxford researchers are working on understanding risks in the interbank network and from high-frequency trading.

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