Dr Matthew Ives


Matthew Ives


Dr Matthew Ives is an economist and systems modeller currently working as an energy systems analyst with GTI Energy, USA, where he is applying his experience and expertise to help facilitate a smooth and just transition to net zero. Dr Ives is also a Research Associate of the Institute for Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, and an Honorary Research Associate of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University, where he teaches and supervises DPhil and Masters students.

Dr Ives has worked in academia as well as the private and public sectors on a diverse range of programmes related to our global sustainability across land, air, and sea. His ventures have included developing and assessing decarbonisation pathways for the USA, UK, India, Australia, and the world; modelling long-term infrastructure strategies for water, energy, waste and transport for the UK, and the United Nations; developing sustainability indicators for the US Forest service; and modelling fisheries in Australia. Matthew holds an Honours degree in Economics, a Masters of Environmental Management, and a PhD in complex systems modelling.

Recent Publications