Project Leader / Primary Investigator

J. Doyne Farmer

We are about to make a major transition to an entirely new energy network that no longer emits greenhouse gases. What is the most efficient way to make this transition? What are the economic, sociological and political factors that are blocking this transition, and what can we do to accelerate it? This new project will model the physical, economic, sociological and political aspects of this transition from an interdisciplinary perspective, seeking to understand the sensitive points that can accelerate it.

People: J. Doyne Farmer, Cameron Hepburn, Matthew Ives, Alex Teytelboym, Andrea Bacilieri, R. Maria del Rio Chanona, Francois Lafond, Penny Mealy, Anton Pichler, Rupert Way, Peter Barbrook-Johnson, Ryan Rafaty, Thom Wetzer, Anna Berryman, Joris Bücker, Lucas Kruitwagen, Yangsiyu Lu, Sugandha Srivastav and Rupert Stuart-Smith.

External collaborators: Myles Allen, Ben Caldecott, Thomas Hale, Miles Hewstone, Jane Humphries, Anders Sandberg, Galina Alova, Zac Cesaro and Alex Clark.